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    • Headquarter: 8 The Green, #18851 Dover, Delaware 19901, United States
    • UK Office: 182-184, High Street North, East Ham, London E6 2JA, United Kingdom
    • Company Number: 15384780; Hori Charm LLC, Delaware #3259739.
    • Factory: Hanoi, Vietnam
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of wholesale customers. Please contact us to receive product catalog for details.

    Cut from Vietnamese women.

    • Single dawn
    • Double dawn
    • Euro double dawn
    • Same length
    • Virgin

    Yes, If your need is virgin hair, we have to guarantee virgin hair from 1 donor for you.



    Mostly Yes.

    3-10 years depending on product type and care. If the user does not maintain the product, the product lifespan may be lower.


    Because Vietnamese hair is the best quality hair of the world. The hair is thin, soft and shiny but very strong and durable.

    Remy hair is hair in the same direction taken from many different people.
    Virgin hair is hair taken from one donor.

    Choosing Horicharm Hair means you're opting for:

    1. Top-Quality Natural Hair: 100% real human hair from Vietnamese women, ensuring durability and heat resistance.
    2. Ethical Sourcing: Committed to ethical practices, respecting the culture and origin of our products.
    3. Diverse Selection: A wide range of hair extensions to meet any style or requirement.
    4. Competitive Pricing: Exceptional value with wholesale prices that don’t compromise on quality.
    5. Customer Focus: Prioritizing your satisfaction with personalized service and support.
    6. Trusted Reputation: Known for our professionalism and dedication to excellence in the industry.

    With Horicharm Hair, you're not just buying hair; you're investing in quality, ethics, and a company that values your trust and satisfaction.