Virgin Hair – Bulk Straight Hair (One woman hair)


Vietnamese virgin hair, 100% human hair, the highest quality type of hair, each bundle from only one women

Size: 8″ to 40″

Price for this product depends a lot on the demand of the market, it is not stable for every time. Please order manually with our sales people. The price we use here will be the average price, which is a reference point for you.


  • Vietnamese virgin hair, the most sought-after hair type worldwide
  • Each hair bundle is sourced from only one woman; therefore, the weight of each bundle will vary.
  • 100% virgin hair & 100% human hair, natural hair and real hair from Vietnamese woman.
  • Hair that has never undergone chemical processing. No chemical treatment. No lice, no nits.


  • Color: Natural black, Natural gray/white. Please contact us if you want to see the real color of hair that you want. Because each hair bundle comes from only one woman, one lady hair, there will be slight variations in color among the bundles.
  • Texture: Natural straight
  • Quality: Natural thin, soft and silky but very strong

Use for:

  • Manufacture hair extensions and wigs …
  • Application in the fashion industry, beauty industry, film industry, etc., varies depending on the purpose, with different ways of utilization
  • This is the highest quality type of hair, 100% sourced from real hair, with each bundle coming from only one woman, creating an absolute natural look.
  • Since the hair has never undergone chemical processing, it can be dyed and bleached multiple times to achieve the desired color.

Raw hair from one donor

Derived directly from women in remote high-altitude regions and diverse ethnic communities, virgin hair stands out for its exceptional quality.

The untouched state of Vietnamese virgin hair, free from any styling, coloring, or bleaching, ensures a luxurious texture and outstanding restyling capabilities.

The hair’s pristine condition owes itself to the wholesome lifestyles of the locals and the ideal environmental conditions of its origin.

With meticulously maintained cuticles, smoothness, and suppleness, “Vietnamese Bulk Straight Hair Extensions Natural Color Black Bulk Hair In One Single Donor Just Cut From Vietnamese Women” promises a transformative experience, granting you the confidence of thicker, longer, and truly enviable hair.

Our experience

With over 8 years of experience, we are confident in offering the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices in the market. All our products are made from real, natural hair, sourced from women in Vietnam, a premium type of hair highly favored in the market in recent years.

Customize for customer: Feel welcome to reach out to us with your specific requirements, as we specialize in tailoring the specifications of our hair products to meet your unique preferences. Contact us for the most competitive pricing tailored to your needs.

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